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About Drepal

Meet the team that is behind the success of Drepal

Understanding wood. Since 1990.

Drepal company was founded in 1990. The carrier program has been the production of wooden pallettes and packing. In 2000 was transformed to the company DREPAL, ltd., resident Druzstevna street 450, 059 01 Spisska Bela. In 2004 the company expanded its activities to production of wood briquetts
made from wood sawdust and shavings by pressing without any additional mixtures. Town Spisska Bela as a residence of the company can be found on northeast of Slovak Republic near town Poprad which is a centre of the region and the railway, roadway and airway node. Location of the company
Drepal, ltd. residence in the embrace of conifer forest of Tatras and under Tatras region, represents a condition for securing sufficient amount of rough wood that is being processed by our company and results in the final products – wooden pallettes, packing and briquetts.


Štefan Tomas

Company owner

Peter Tomas

Managing Director

Ing. Vojtech Bodnár

Executive Director

Maroš Strišovský

Head of production

Keeping up with the times

In 2005 and 2006 our company has modernized its production plants
and formed conditions for processing of rough wood in total annual amount
of approximately 25,000 cubic metres


High quality, certified.


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From a technical drawing to the final product from rough wood — certified quality and tradition since 1990

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High quality Wooden pallets, produced according to your technical requirements

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Eco briquettes

Wooden chippings pressed under a high pressure without adding of any binding material

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Energetic wooden chips

Wooden chips are one of the forms of biomass which can mainly be used for energetic purposes

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